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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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exactly how it happened. also -- >> i sat next to her in chemistry. it' s really ard without her. mike: celebrating the life of the milford high junior killed in tragic car crash over the weekend. plus -- >> the people you don' t expect usually do crazy stuff like that. sheree: reaction tonight as the campus safety director at a local college is facing dozens of child porn charges. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at 11:00. sheree: a 73-year-old man killed, his daughter rushed to the hospital, after being hit by a metro bus. good evening. i' m sheree paolello. mike: and i' m mike dardis. thanks for joining us. it happened tonight in hyde park. wlwt news 5' s richard chiles is live with the latest. richard? richard: good evening.
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the 51 crosstown -- a family enjoying tonight getting ice cream, walking across the street. a 73-year-old man is dead. his 41-year-old daughter is at university hospital. the scene begins with that metro bus making a left-hand turn from erie onto edwards. the metro was making the turn around 8:00 p.m. when the bus struck a father and daughter leaving greaters on the corner of edwards and erie. witnesses say the pair were walking in the southbound crosswalk when hit by the bus ending up here in the , intersection. the father was pronounced dead here on the scene. the daughter, along with the driver of that 51 crosstown bus, transported to university medical center. the extent of their injuries not known at this time. >> this is a driver that' s been with metro for about 10 years. so a driver that has quite a bit of experience. the driver of the metro bus has
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again, very upsetting experience for all of us in the metro family. our hearts are with the people who are involved. richard: cincinnati police say the investigation is ongoing. the traffic division is taking the lead. metro is cooperating, releasing video they say is available from multiple angles, including the driver was a point of view. but they will be investigating to try to determining likely what happens in hyde park. reporting live, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. sheree: thank you. the safety director of a local college is behind bars tonight, indicted on child biography. emily wood has more from thomas
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emily: according to the school robert marshall has been the , director of campus safety since 2003. today he was indicted arrested , and booked into kenton county jail on 36 counts of possessing child pornography. >> you think that you know somebody and you really don' t. ,emily: students at thomas more college know robert marshall as the head of campus safety but say they never really knew him personally. and the allegations against him are simply surprising. >> it is shocking to me. it is not really like it scares me. like i didn' t feel unsafe or , anything. >> it just blows our minds that it actually happens, that someone that would do that actually really gross and wrong that they would do something like that, especially with children being involved. it makes it worse. emily: police say all 36 images were found on marshall' s home computer in covington. assistant chief brian steffen says, based on a complaint detectives took marshall' s , computer back in january of 2014. he says marshall used a software designed to remove pornographic
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so long to find. >> it is very tough, very tough. and when digital data is deleted or wiped from a hard drive it , makes it even tougher for us. emily: police also made it clear, there was no evidence marshall was creating this pornography and there was never any criminal activity on his devices at thomas more. >> had we thought that there was an actual threat to children or whether they be in the city of , covington or whether they be in the campus of thomas more college, we would have reacted much, much sooner. emily: thomas more college has placed marshall on administrative leave. he is in the kenton county jail with a 25,000 dollars bond, scheduled to be arraigned next monday, february 1. emily wood, wlwt news 5. sheree: thank you.
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that a spokesperson told us -- at this time, there is no apparent danger to the campus community. earlier this week an aurora man , faced new charges that he kids. a $1 million bond. he recorded the abuse on phone. the way he got too many of the victims was by the fronting their mothers and offering to babysit. these two cases are bringing renewed attention to child sex abuse. doctors say as many as one in will experience some form of abuse as children. about three-quarters of reported cases involve either family members or people in the victim' s circle of trust. mike: a cincinnati police after being indicted on a theft officer joseph simpson is out of he faces a felony theft in cincinnati' s city manager says
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off-duty restaurant detail when the alleged theft happen. simpson has been suspended without pay, pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. sheree: remembering a milford high school teenager who was killed in a weekend car crash. tonight, family and classmates of lauren wilfong gathered in milford to remember their friend, who died sunday in loveland after slamming into an suv. friends say she always had a smile for everyone, she loved nature, and always worked hard in school. is gone. she had her whole future ahead it' s gone. sheree: a funeral mass will be held tomorrow morning at 10:00, in the morning at saint andrew church. the cause of the accident remains under investigation. mike: still plenty of questions about a wrong way crash that shut down the highway in hebron , kentucky.
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this is video from the cruiser of a boone county sheriff' s deputy. as the deputy dress up to the scene you can see a pick up investigators say the pick up was spun backwards by a car going the wrong way on northbend road before hitting the truck. deputies say danielle honshell clipped a jeep and flying glass hit a passenger in an suv. as the video goes on, you can pickup. two deputies had to pull the driver out of the truck. in all, four people went to the hospital with injuries. no word tonight on their conditions. investigators are still trying to figure out why 22-year-old honshell had been driving in the wrong direction. happening now, rolling closures on i-75. southbound lanes will be briefly closing throughout the night between the norwood lateral and mitchell avenue as crews move construction equipment across the highway. it will reopen by 5:00 in the morning. those rolling closures continue through friday.
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, in warren county will be renamed to honor a soldier who died in afghanistan in 2012. the portion of state route 48 between i-71 and state route 38 will be named the sergeant first class bobby lee estle memorial highway. the lebanon native died in combat just 10 days before he was set to come home from the war zone. he served two tours in iraq and two in afghanistan. >> susan just was much more than the principal of my children' s school. she was my friend. sheree: an indianapolis elementary school principal being remembered as a hero, a day after she was hit and killed by a bus. that teacher says susan jordan actually pushed six to 10 children out of the way of a school bus that accelerated toward the group. witnesses say the bus came up on
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-- kept going, almost hitting those children. two 10-year-old students were hurt. as a memorial grows for jordan, the question for investigators now -- how did this happen? >> if that is driver error based upon everything that we' ve investigated and the reports that we still have outstanding, then we can make that determination. but at this point, it' s too early to make a final determination on the exact cause of yesterday' s accident. sheree: a state police bus inspector says the bus passed an inspection just last drive -- friday and the driver had no recent violations. mike: tonight, one 14-year-old is facing serious jail time, after he is found guilty of raping another teenager at a party. this all started after a springboro high school football game in september. when a young girl' s mother was out of town, the teenager decided to throw a party. there was marijuana and alcohol. that' s when police say a girl, who was too drunk to walk or even stand, was raped. >> everybody that was there knew that she was extraordinarily intoxicated, couldn' t stand on her own, couldn' t speak, and he
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engage in sexual conduct with her, essentially at the encouragement of some of the other males that were there. mike: that was the county prosecutor. he says the broader message here is for parents to talk to their kids about alcohol, drugs, and sex and educate them. by the way the 14-year-old will , be sentenced next wednesday. sheree: a major set forward for an ohio bill that would divert federal funding away from planned parenthood. tonight, the bill cleared the senate. the measure would restrict $1.3 million in grant funding from going to organizations that perform or promote abortions. the house passed an earlier version but will need to pass the changes. mike: this is an area with a lot of pride, so it is great to hear stuff like this. new at 11:00, a hollywood actor says he wants to move to cincinnati after shooting a movie here. in an interview at the sundance film festival this week, emilio estevez says he would like to eventually live in over the rhine.
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a movie about horseracing, here in cincinnati in 2013. estevez, whose father martin sheen is from dayton, ohio, says cincinnati is a magical place. sheree: and his brother charlie loves our cincinnati reds. stuff. sheree: a high speed chase with the suspect in the police >> that' marijuana there in the vehicle. >> that' s -- that' s not mine. mike: how the tables turned in a hurry, and what happened to the poor police dog that was along for the bumpy ride. kevin: it is a cold night and will be a chilly start to your thursday, but we have changes coming that include some flurries and a big-time were about. more in my full forecast. sheree: and more on the cincinnati-area man arrested by the feds in the standoff in oregon. you'
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mike: a suspect in oklahoma out-maneuvers state troopers, actually stealing one of their cars and leading them on a chase. sheree: yeah, this all happened in just a matter of seconds, and it was all caught on camera. it all starts with a traffic stop. 23-year-old benjamin henson
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closely and unsafe lane changing. he gets in the trooper' s car to answer a few questions. >> where are you coming from today? >> i' m actually coming from oklahoma. well, my family lives in oklahoma. >> oh, yeah? ok. sheree: the two continue to chat while the trooper writes a warning. >> do you have anything illegal >> no, sir. >> can i search your car? >> is there probable cause? >> no. i have reasonable suspicion right now. sheree: seconds later, troopers discover several large bags of marijuana hidden in the trunk. henson is then handcuffed. s a large amount of marijuana there in the vehicle. s -- that' s not mine. sheree: when the troopers that' s when henson makes his s unit, throwing the bags of pot onto the street, swerving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed with cash, the k-9, in tow for the >> i' m sorry, buddy.
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he then jumps out of the patrol car and takes off. henson was found about an hour later. he was arrested and faces several charges. cash, the k-9, was not injured in the crash. mike: well new details on a high , speed chase and shootout near atlanta today. a georgia state trooper is in the hospital after being shot by a driver. troopers began the pursuit after an suv was clocked at nearly 100 miles an hour on i-75. the driver took aim at police after crashing into a car. the trooper was shot in the leg and abdomen just below his bullet proof vest. he' s expected to be out of the hospital in a few days. the driver was shot a number of times and is in intensive care. sheree: armed protesters still occupy an oregon wildlife refuge tonight, just 24 hours after a member of the group was killed and the leaders taken into custody by police and federal agents. the group' s spokesperson, 54-year-old lavoy finicum, was shot and killed, and eight
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s leader, rancher ammon bundy, and his brother ryan. seven of them were in court for the first time this afternoon. another member of the group turned himself in in arizona. >> this has been tearing our community apart. this can' this can' t happen in america, and it can' t happen in harney county. sheree: a local guy was among those arrested yesterday. pete santille lives in mt. washington. he was one of eight people arrested during a series of confrontations with officers in oregon yesterday. santilli has a podcast on talk -- on he took his show on the road to support the anti-government group holding a nature reserve in oregon. he was pulled over in newtown months ago. police there thought he was on a terror watch list.
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mike: the widow of an illinois police officer who staged his suicide has been arrested. a grand jury indicted melodie gliniewicz on money laundering and disbursing charitable funds without authority. officials say her husband, lieutenant charles gliniewicz, killed himself in september, because he feared decades of embezzlement would be discovered. investigators say the stolen money was used for a vacation and dinners. but melodie' s attorneys say she was a victim of her husband' s secret actions. sheree: a tornado did some major damage this morning in miami, florida. the national weather service confirms an ef-1 tornado touched down in broward county. the storm tossed cars, managed -- mingled roofs, and knocked down several trees. at least one person was hurt. meteorologists say a tornado in on, -- might sound odd, but this year' s el
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storms early in the year. kevin: no severe weather concerns around here, certainly not in the short term. cold weather to get through tonight and tomorrow, or i should say tomorrow night and early friday, the four things warm-up for the weekend. a milder thursday coming our way, at least during the daytime . we could see some flurries tomorrow night. and this is what everybody has been waiting for -- 50' s and maybe even some 60' s for highs as we get into next week. specifically, what you need to know about for thursday, sunshine is back across the area . a decent amount of sunshine. it will be a breezy day, and there will be some late flurries tomorrow evening, mainly after dark. tonight, it is a cold night across the area. temperatures have fallen back into the low and mid heaven 20' s. at the airport, it is 20 degrees here at a south wind and seven
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depending on your location, temperatures range from 20 in wilmington, springboro, 26 in cincinnati, and 25 in warsaw. despite the fact we have had this south wind, those clear skies are hard to counteract. temperatures having fall and even more than i anticipated, but they should begin to level off overnight. winds are out of the south. i thought that would be enough to keep temperatures from sliding too far, but we have managed to slip a little bit tonight. as the winds pickup, clouds will begin to increase from the north and west. i expect temperatures to begin to climb in the next hour or two. look at this deck of clouds moving across central indiana and illinois. as that warm friend swings in our direction overnight, temperatures will begin to climb.
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will be between about 25 and close to 30 degrees. here comes of those clouds overnight. we should see a do' s at the amount of sun tomorrow. temperatures should have no problem climbing into at least the low to mid-40' s. a cold front will begin to approach the ohio river tomorrow night, and clouds will begin to spread back into the area. i cannot rule out a passing shower or two around in her time. maybe a few passing flurries tomorrow night, certainly nothing to worry about. the cold air will halt our warm-up and they can wait until the weekend. friday will be chilly, but we will see a big rebound in temperatures by the time we get to saturday and it' s urgently sunday. tonight, low to mid-20' s. tomorrow, cloudy -- partly cloudy, breezy, mild, 40' s. by 8:00 a.m., close to 30
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38 by lunchtime. low 40' s tomorrow afternoon. seven day forecast -- it down to 27 tomorrow night. there is the chilly hump on friday, upper 30' s. but a big jump friday and saturday, into the 50' s. the knights this week and will also be milder. early next week, a fairly potent storm system with a few rubbles of thunder. a mild start to early february. mike: a little hammer at the end there. sheree: also tonight baseball' s , youngest and brightest stars will soon call cincinnati home. mike: the reds announced today the world series is coming to town, as in the rbi world series. the rbi program provides underserved communities with the chance to play baseball. the reds youth academy will host the next two world series starting in august and then , again in 2017. a win for the record books on the high school hardwood. sheree: so impressive.
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with the winning streak measured
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>> everything is feeling the way that it should, the way we planned, and just ready to go.
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winter caravan, reds fans get some good news on the starting catcher. welcome back, everyone. devin mesoraco says so far, so good with troublesome hip. mesoraco attended the reds news conference today, announcing the urban youth rbi world series coming to town. devin was shut down last june after having hip surgery. that can be a big problem for a guy who squats for a living, but devin is feeling great. >> i' ve been hitting for a couple months. catching-wise, i' ve been blocking, throwing, receiving -- i mean, doing just about everything with no pain. i mean, everything' s been as planned. george: and the man with the , an ohio sports writer of the year, i will tell you. . caravan media begins tomorrow.
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s a couple of local stops along the way. hamilton on saturday, then the florence mall to end the caravan on sunday. i am not a big pro bowl guy, but it is my job to keep you informed on the local happenings, and tonight, a bunch of bengals were part of the pro bowl draft. you have team michael irvin and team jerry rice. irvin ended up with six bengals. he gets geno atkins, aj green, tyler eifert, carlos dunlap, adam jones, and andrew whitworth. team rice has cedric peerman. reggie nelson is also in the pro bowl, but he' s not showing up on -- but he pulled out due to injury. college basketball, kentucky hosting missouri in lexington here at a first round knockout. tyler eulas hits the three. kentucky jumps on top. tyler leads kentucky with 20 points. live this year puts this one underneath. the wildcats win tonight, 88-54. louisville a winner on the road at virginia tech. dayton all over st. louis, 73-37.
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fairfield tonight looking to tie the gmc record of 35 straight conference wins. nia staples got them started with the she led all scorers three. with 22. abby prohaska uses the long left-handed pass to lexi wasan , and lexi had west forced 27 18. turnovers, beating fairfield, 69-42, and the firebirds go for the gmc consecutive win record at colerain saturday. tonight was the annual la salle stag. former lancer and former major leaguer tim naehring was the master of ceremonies, and the keynote speaker, baseball hall of famer andre dawson, the hawk big night for the lancers. i understand that barrett cohen and dan cronin were there.
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wins now. 50 in a row. mike: dominant.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sheree: now to our top stories -- a 73-year-old man has died, his daughter injured, after being hit by a metro bus in hyde park this evening. it happened around 8:00 as the bus was turning from edwards road onto erie avenue. witnesses telling us the two were leaving greaters and were in the crosswalk when they were hit. the man died at the scene. the 41-year-old woman was taken to uc medical center with non-life threatening injuries. the driver was also taken to the hospital. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. mike: a roller coaster week as far as the weather. kevin, can you grab those boots? kevin: you mean these snippets? mike: sheree is ready for the cold overnight. kevin: we will be in the 20'
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